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Balance Arlen Hill's Budget

Welcome to Arlen Hill’s Budget Consultation. Arlen Hill is currently looking at the best ways in which to allocate the budget for the forthcoming financial year. We would like you, the citizens of Arlen Hill, to help us make these decisions by using our Budget Simulator to register your priorities for spending whilst trying to maintain a balanced budget.The results of this consultation will be read at the AGM in November and taken into consideration when the budget is officially assigned next year by Arlen Hill councillors.

This simulator helps to illustrate how Arlen Hill’s budget is currently allocated, and how changing the budget could affect the lives of people in Arlen Hill.

We would like you to use it to tell us how you would allocate Arlen Hill's money, and which services are most important to you.

In response to the results from the Arlen Hill Budget Simulator in 2012, we:

  • invested in adult education programs, re-training workers from Arlen Hill's shrinking industrial sector into the growing service sector
  • found savings of 15% in Arlen Hill's gardening operations
  • kept tax rates static against inflation

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